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Infinity Mirror + Music Synced LEDs Answered

Hi guys!

Well this is my first post here :)

So I was just browsing some projects and saw two really good projects.

First was this infinity mirror

and the other one was how to sync leds to music using tip31 transistor.
So i wondered can I combine these two projects to make one music synced infinity mirror?
Of course I can't do it without some help (newbie to electronics n stuff).
So can you guys just help me or guide me?

Thanks in advance :D


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5 years ago

There should be plenty of Instructables for LED lights that react to sound one way or the other.
Same for infinity mirrors.
Combining simply means using two or more Instructables and to use what suits your project.
Noone here will write you an Instructable for it, but you can if you document your steps...