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Inherited old electrical equipment -Teacher Answered

I inherited a classroom full of old electrical equipment and parts. The high school's pathway has changed throughout the years and no one uses the equipment anymore. Some of the parts include resistors, soldering equipment, wires and cables and bulbs, multimeters, voltometers, alligator clips, etc.

I teach an introduction to coding class and I have no background in electrical anything. I would like to create a maker space for these objects, but was wondering if anyone has ideas for starter projects that I could lead the students through, to get them familiar with these types of materials, and working with basic circuits? If we could throw in some coding, that would be even better! I'd love to use some of this equipment.



4 days ago

I wrote an article for The Science Teacher on wiring a device that I call a Friendship Detector. A simple circuit is interrupted with four switches arranged in parallel or series in order to create AND and OR conditions. We make it with junk parts, and it sounds like a good fit for your program. You can access the article here: https://common.nsta.org/resource/?id=10.2505/4/tst12_079_02_46