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Inline mute button Answered

I have been trying to find an inline ipod mute button. I would use it for snowboarding and other sports where quick and easy muting is necessary. should be small enough to fit in glove or attach to jacket etc. I am not very experienced with working with electronics, and would appreciate laymans terms.



8 years ago

You just want to stop the sound in your earbuds? The easiest way would be with a little mini switch (like a push-button that "clicks" to latch the open vs. closed state). My preference would be a pushbutton, for the looks, but a rocker or even a toggle switch would work equally well.

You'll need a "SPDT" (double-pole double-throw) switch, a 3.5 mm (I think) female stereo socket, a 3.5 mm male stereo jack, and five thin (30 gauge or smaller) wires (called "leads"). You will also want some heat-shrink tubing to cover up the bare leads and solder connections, and make things look less ugly :-)

Stereo works by having one "signal" lead go to each ear, together with a common ground ("return"), so the female socket will have three pins -- left, right, and common. Use one lead to connect the common on the male stereo jack right through to the common pin on the female socket.

Next, connect two leads from the left and right on the jack to the center pins on the SPDT switch. Finally use the last two leads to run from the outside pins on the switch to the left and right of the female socket. Make sure you're connecting left to left, and right to right, or your favorite band is always going to be playing behind you :-)

You'll want to do good solder joints at each of the connections, so that the system can stand up to the rigors of exercise. There are several Instructables which can walk you through how to learn soldering.

Finally, the first thing you want to do is to thread those leads through pieces of heatshrink! If you wait until everything is connected, you won't be able to get the tubing over the components.

If you do make this, please take lots of pictures along the way, and write it up as an Instructable!


Reply 8 years ago

Did you mean a DPST? A SPDT switch would only have one common pin as the input correct? Just trying to clarify as I'm trying to put together an inline mute button for the same purpose. I have been unable to find a small DPST switch though...


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.  At first I thought a SPST on the common would work, but I think you would still hear L-R/R-L) in both earphones. If it will work, please let me/us know.