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Inquiry about kanne of Patang (Kite) Answered

Dear Sir, I am Indian & live in India { Gorakhpur , U.P. } . My name is Amitabh Srivastava . Sir , I likes to fly kites but i have a problem that i do not know how select a Patang from shop & how make kanni in Patang ?I do not know how much ( in number ) kanii given in upper & lower end of Patang . Sir, i asked from many people always , but they do not give right answer . I suffer from 6 years .Please told me . Can i contact you on mobile ? PleaSE PROVIDE YOUR MOBILE NUMBER .Please tell me . I shall be thankfull to you . Thankyou . RegardsAmitabh


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11 years ago

According to this website, you should look for a patang with several layers of tissue, as it will be stronger.

The video below shows how to make a kanni. In western kite-flying, the kanni would be known as the bridle.