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Insects for jewelry Answered

Can somebody tell me, where I can order insects to make different jewelry for cheap price?

I look forward to your reply


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1 year ago

I most cases people will collect them in the wild.
The have to be killed the right way, prepared and dreid properly before they can be embedded in resin.
If you have never done it start with something simple like a cricket or bug.

Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

1 year ago

Some additional 'ibles that might (or might not) be helpful to you for this topic:

An introduction to bug collection/killing/mounting. This looks thoughtful and thorough.

A stub 'ible, pointing to a Youtube video.

Another "insects in resin" 'ible, but this one is somewhat lacking. It has pictures, which prove that it's possible, but you could probably get just as much insight into the method by reading the directions on the side of the can of polyester casting resin.

Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

1 year ago

One problem (or maybe it is a benefit?) with bugs, with any organism from phylum arthropoda, is that you have so many to choose from.


So that might be the first problem; i.e. deciding which bug you want, or that you think would look attractive as a piece of jewelry.

Regarding the question of finding bugs at a cheap price, I think I can say categorically, the cheapest bugs are going to be the ones you can find locally, like, living outdoors, in your neighborhood.

One of the problems with local bugs, is that they are often alive, and crawling, or flying around. Thus some extra work is required, for to capture the bugs and kill them.

This 'ible,


I think will get you started with the cup+card method, for capturing bugs.

This work, {capturing bugs, killing them, and preserving the dead bug as an object of art or study} is a well known art. In fact there is a Wikipedia page titled, "Insect collecting," which gives a good overview.


Also, local bugs are seasonal. For example, butterflies are usually easier to find in the spring, and nearly impossible to find in the winter.

Anyway, I think it is important for you to give some thought to these techniques for bug collecting.

The reason why, is because I think the only people willing to sell you picturesque, already dead and mounted, bug specimens, are these Etsy goofs, from whom you stole the image for this topic.


If I had to guess, I would guess that all, or most, of these Etsy insect jewelry sellers were getting their bugs from a local source, or perhaps by raising them in captivity.

(Actually, there are sellers on eBay, selling dead bug specimens too, as I discover near the end of this message.)

Raising the bugs in captivity would require a commitment, to figure out how to raise that kind of bug, and build the enclosures, feeding, etc, necessary for that.

Just think how much easier it would be if that kind of bug just showed up naturally, especially as an unwanted pest, so there would be lots of them, in your neighborhood.

If you do not need a huge number of dead bugs, and the bugs you want are something not indigenous, not local, to your neighborhood... Perhaps you could make some friends on a bug collecting forum.


The reason why, is because I am guessing true collectors might be willing to trade specimens with each other, by mail... making sure the bugs are truly dead, so as to avoid an invasive species catastrophe


and to the extent this is legal, or at least unregulated...

I mean there are also places that sell bugs in quantity, if these bugs happen to be useful for something. Like there are some species of ladybug (sp. Coccinellidae) sold for gardening and agriculture, because they eat other nuisance insects. Live crickets and mealworm beetles are sold as food for pet reptiles.

Also there are places that sell live insects, like for scientific or educational purposes,


Carolina is a name I have seen before, and it is one of the companies that comes up in that search. I have never bought anything from them though. I expect you will be disappointed by too high prices, and sparse choices (compared to the natural world, containing every kind of arthropod), but I could be wrong about that.

I dunno. You could check eBay, I guess. Actually, I just tried this.

A search for, "live insects" returns results that are mostly food for pet lizards.

A search for, "dead insects" is, I think, more what you are looking for. Especially if you include the words, "collection" or "entomology", and exclude results containing the word "toy."


1 year ago

See if pet stores sell them as lizard food.