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Instal windows os on server? Answered

Can some experienced guy can say me do I can instal win7 on server?
I have an old HP ProLiant DL580 G2 .. what actually runs with winserver 2000.
4 years didn't done anything, just yesterday figured out to turn it on!
First I had problems : Parity check 2 memory Dimm problems but they are solved now!

I just though What can I instal on this server?
It is clean and there is no os in hard drive. It asks to boot from cd... so I'm wondering what can I instal on it!!

Please any suggestions? Thanks!



5 years ago

From what I can tell Win 7 should run on it. Download it from Micrisoft and try it so you don't spend the money for it first and then find a version of it doesn't work. The 64 bit version might not but the 32 should, the install will tell you if it will work. You have 30 days before you need to activate it so it should give you enough time to try it out.


Answer 5 years ago

Hi, thanks! So I need to download win7 x32 right?

But As I read on the internet there everytime is problems with instaling win xp or win 7 on a server because somethings always wrong with drivers! RAID or what was that! Thanks


Answer 5 years ago

I would try the 64 bit version first. If it will work it is the better one to use. Make sure you get the one with Service Pack 1.

With an older machine there should not be a problem with things like raid drivers. Those should already be in the Win 7 setup. If something does not install correctly you should download the newest drivers for that piece of hardware. Windows 7 is pretty good about finding all the drivers.