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Instructable Not Showing Up In Searches Answered

   Hello, I have made an Instructable here out of Marshmallows:

  It is a sort of Pyrotechnic Putty that I have made for use as a easily mold-able solid state fuel, I know that it has probably been caught up by the automatic filters, but it is almost 11:00 Am here in Michigan and it still has not cleared...

  Does anyone know what hours that the Employees over at Instructables work..? Otherwise should I not expect it to be approved before a certain time, or is this happening because over the weekend their Instrutables HQ gets a little backed up, by the new Filter Catches, and their just getting to it..?

Also if an Instructable was rejected is their anyway for me to know? Email, Notification (Ect..?)



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7 years ago

You got filtered! (With that subject matter, how could you not??)

HQ works approximately to Californian office hours, so it should be up and running by the end of their day today, maybe early tomorrow.


Reply 7 years ago

Alright thanks, I appreciate you taking the time to answer.