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Instructable being buried. Answered

Hi all,

I tried to publish an article on the 08/12/2013 which appears to have been caught in the filters. But when it was finally released it was spat out as if it had already passed through the system and sat next to results matching that date. However I checked all that day on both a desktop and a laptop to see it make it through the results. It never showed.

As it only had a pitiful 52 views I unpublished and republished to see if that would help. (The same advise mikeasaurus gave me on another Instructable where the thumbnail was broken. Advise I couldn't reply to as the system wouldn't let me leave a message, saying something about a back-end error.) But when republished nothing has changed. It should have gone through the system as if it were new, being visible in both the explore section (at the top of the page) and being at the top of the recent category.

As it sits it still shows the publish date to be the 08/12/2013 and it is buried under all the other articles, as if it was published with nothing wrong.

Please advise on a remedy as bugs (for me) seem too frequent.

With thanks,
Go Repairs

Additional info:
Desktop running windows - browser is Chrome. All is updated regularly when updates are available.



Penolopy Bulnick

5 years ago

Instructables are usually pushed back out on their original publish date to avoid any issues with Contests on the site.


5 years ago

I've had the same issue!


Reply 5 years ago

Same advice; I'd drop a line to headquarters to ask them to sort it out: service@instructables.com


6 years ago

I don't think this is a bug, more an admin error.

I'd drop a line to headquarters to ask them to sort it out: service@instructables.com

Go RepairsKiteman

Reply 6 years ago

Thanks for the advice Kiteman, I just sent them one.