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Instructable editor - HTML tags filtering Answered


I try to write an instructable to the math contest, but it is real hard to put inline formulas into the text. Even the simplest things are filtered out.

I would like to make it with style and not use pictures for a simple power equation (you know the y=x^2 thing), but without the "^" symbol, just the number with superscript style. In HTML there is the <sup> tag to this or you can achieve with inline CSS as well (<text style="position: relative;bottom: 0.5em;font-size: 0.8em;">2</text>), but while the editor show these correctly, these tags are filtered out at the saved instructable.

What you think, what is the best solution to this problem? Do I have to use pictures? Or do I have to stay at the "^" symbol?

It would be really nice when we have math contest, that this board could understand math styling as well (am I asking much with MATHML language?).



15 days ago

Thanks for your report. Our content filters haven't allowed <sup> or <sub> tags in the past, but we will look into adding them. For now, your options are limited to those others you mentioned: using the ^ or images of the formatted formulas. Sorry for the inconvenience.