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Instructable editor pastes content in the wrong place Answered

When pasting content into the Instructables editor, the content doesn't always get inserted at the cursor's location.

To reproduce:
 1. Start a new Instructable, and edit the first step.
 2. Enter some dummy text, followed by a newline.
 3. Use the "formatting" menu to change the current format to "code".  A grey box will appear.  Place the cursor inside the box.
 4. Copy some source code (from a separate editor or a separate tab) and paste it into the grey box.

What should happen:
 - The content on the clipboard is pasted inside of the grey box.

What actually happens:
 - The content on the clipboard is pasted immediately after the grey box.

A partial workaround is to paste the code first, then highlight it and switch the formatting to "source".  Pasting the code when formatting as normal text causes the code to be modified, however (whitespace and newlines get mangled/combined).  Aside from being annoying, this can break code in languages where whitespace is significant (like Python).  The paste function should work as expected, and insert the pasted content as-is at the current cursor location.

I am currently running Firefox v52.0.2 on Windows 7 (64-bit).



3 years ago

The editor functions we get are very basic to say it nice.
Nothing you know from forums or other websites works here.
Formatting? Might need to be looked up in a dictionary...
Proper code handling? Well, the user will figure it out somehow...
Getting images, code or similar in the spot where you want it? Good luck with that...
Editing a posting to make a change or correct the spelling? Well, not here, delete or make a reply stating what was wrong in the first posting...
I guess you get the picture now on how the Instructables editor functions work.... ;)


Reply 2 years ago

You are right, it is real frustating to add text or edit, especially code.