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Instructable edits do not appear in published version Answered

I have made and saved edits in the following instructable: https://www.instructables.com/id/LED-Jigsaw-Puzzle-Light-Acrylic-Laser-Cut/

However whenever I vist the publish instructable they are not shown (I have done edits in other intructables and these have shown up, so I am not sure what is different this time).

This is what is published: https://prnt.sc/mi1o90 but this is what is in the edit and preview screens: https://prnt.sc/mi1o4s. You will notice that the 3rd and 4th bullets in the preview screen are missing from the published. I also have changes in the last step that are not reflecting.

I have cleared my cache, tried different browsers, networks and ISPs on different devices.

I have a few quesitons:

  1. Can anyone see the changes that I claim not to be able to see?
  2. If this is an issue, will unpublishing and republishing fix it?
  3. If I unpublish will I loose my "featured" status as well as the viewing stats?

Your help is appreciated.



6 months ago

Thank you for notifying us of this here and in our service email. I've notified our developers of the issue. Please leave your instructable published so we can look into this further.

Troy (tomatoskins)
Community Manager


Reply 6 months ago

The issue appears to now be fixed. many thanks


6 months ago

im having the same problem on my post. . my edit is saved, and i entered a competition so i dont wanna unpublish :(