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Instructable idea? Answered

Hello this is me Noah again. It's been a while since I have posted anything on here but I decide to do so anyways because I feel this is a relevant question for this community here.

So I love to build things. My favorite things to make are arduino robots and 3D printing related stuff/3D printers in general. I want to make a robot for this years robotics contest but not sure what to make and if not whether or not something is worth writing an instructable in the first place.

I recently built a laser cut sumo robot. The robot is compatible with arduino and can be built in 20 minutes if you know what you are doing. I was thinking of writing an instructable for it but the more I think about it the robot is not that unique to write an instructable for. Yeah it's cool but compared to all the other sumo robot tutorials on instructables it doesn't really stand out and will be a repeat of a bunch of other tutorials minus a few things.

The robot is autonomous, completely made of hotglue, electronics, and wood, and is completely able to detect and attack another robot autonomously with some minor reliability issues. My question is how to make a this tutorial stand out and if not what else could I possibly do for an instructable? Thanks in advance!


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1 year ago

write an instructable and av the clinic look into it for you