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Instructable idea: cat stuff Answered

Okay, so as you can see by the picture, some company has made these brainwave controlled cat ears. Needless to say, they are extremely amusing to see.
My idea was to try and add onto that idea with a cat tail. I was thinking of using something to monitor, say, heart rate, and use some sort of microcontroller to run four servos linked through a super-simple spine robot.
it would need some sort of secure backplane to support the base of the robot and the servo mechanism, as well as to hold the electronics.
Or I guess you could try and make it brain controlled as well, although that would be more difficult.
But for heart rate, perhaps as heart rate increased, the tail would start to move and twitch more?
I would try and build it, but i have no experience with microcontrollers (or programming) and not enough spare money at this moment. So I am throwing this idea out there too whoever wants to make it (and probably make money on it.)
Anyways, have fun.


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