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Instructable shows my latest reversions sometimes then reverts to old version then back agains Answered

I have a feeling I am doing something wrong since these are my first Instructables. After publishing successfully, I am having the following issues:

- I made additional changes to content of Instructables then republished. Sometimes I see the latest version, sometimes it reverts back to previous one. I cleared cache time and again but to no avail, so I am not sure it's the cache. 

- I tried to reorder the slides associated with my latest Instructable then saved/published but one slide is stuck in its place and wont move to another location. 

- Comments appear then disappear. I am thinking its related to same issue as my first. Not sure. 

What am I doing wrong?


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9 years ago

Both issues are very related. This deals with the websites cacheing of pages, not yours. We deliver a cached version of the webpage for people who aren't logged in. So anything that has happened recently won't show up. We do this to keep the speed up for you, and so we don't have to spend a fortune on bandwidth. Whatever you see when you're logged in is correct and the cached version of the page will soon catch up and match.