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Instructable wanted "How to build a Fish Tank" Answered

I have been browsing through all the fish tank instructables and I thought that they were rather rubbish to be honest.... I want an instructable to build a decent tank in a rectangle shape with the dimensions of Height: 12" Length: 20" Depth:14" (Dimensions do not have to be followed but appreciated if they are and dimensions do not include lid space) If there is also any specific thicknesses needed for the tank to hold the capicity of water this would greatly appreciated if stated. I would also like the person who choses this project to use links to websites for the materials/tools (preferably English GBP currency) Any links to what types of fish are work well together would also be a bonus. Thanks in advance to anyone who will write the instructrable for this.


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11 years ago

. Well I'll be switched. There isn't an aquarium construction iBle. If there is one, I couldn't find it using Ibles' search and "aquarium".
. There are a lot of great web pages about building aquariums - Google is your friend. Use "aquarium" not "fish tank".
. It will be easier to buy accessories if you stick to a standard size. If you make your own, that's not a problem. ;)
. Glass thickness is mainly determined by depth. Length becomes important on longer runs. You can find charts in the Web that tell you how thick the glass needs to be for X depth.
. Materials: glass and silicone sealant, plus whatever you use for the frames. Get a sealant that says it is fish-safe. Sealants for home use contain mold/algae/&c inhibitors that are poisonous to fish. I'm in the US, so I have no idea where you would get materials or how much they would cost.
. As for which fish can cohabit, Google is your friend. Look on some of the aquarium hobbyist sites. FWIW, most cichlids will eat anything that don't eat them first.