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Official Instructables API Answered

Instructable's is my favourite website/platform/community period.
As an Engineer on Instructables I would really like to see a Open-Source API so that developer and engineers can access data & statistics from their Instructables easily.
The main reason for which I would like to see an API is so  that I can create physical notifications(LED light bulbs) every-time someone Favourites or Comments on My Instructable.
I guess you could create an IFTTT channel for Instructables(triggers like comment,favourite,inbox,etc.).

I'm curious to know if there  is  a Instructables API in the making?
I'm sure there are other Engineers & developers in the Instructables community who would like to see an Isntructables API.

If you have any ideas as to what the Instructables API(if Instructables HQ decides to make an API) should include leave it in the comments. I'm sure they would like to hear some of our ideas.




3 years ago

If you don't know what exactly is an API and what are it's uses check this article out:



3 years ago

I guess it would also depend on what is possible from the server side.
Instant notifications for a lot of users is not always easy.
And there might also be the security concern if a more or less direct acces is allowed.