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Instructables Android Beta Testing Answered

Instructables Android Beta Testing
Dear Instructables users,

Are you using our Instructables Android app?

In order to make our products better, we sincerely invite you to join our Android R1.3 Beta testing.
We appreciate your feedback and will take your comments and feedback into serious consideration.

With Instructables Android R1.3, we include a number of enhancements, complete with:
- Explore, Categories, Contests and Following are now available by swiping in the home screen.
- Access easily for searching Instructables.
- Redesigned creating new Instructable
(1) Updated create instructables Help guide
(2) Add multiple images from Gallery
(3) Easily reorder, add, delete your images within each step
(4) Reorder, add, delete steps from Overview page
(5) Share published instructables directly to your Facebook wall
- Viewing an Instructables
(1) Expand All step images
(2) Easily follow author
(3) Easily share, comment and like
(4) Pinch to your preferred text size
(5) Higher resolution Image
- User profile
- Sidebar menu
- Walkthough for introducing Instructables
- Redesigned Sign in/Sign Up
- Easily manage and modify your local or web Instructables
- Added Feedback

In order to use R1.3 Beta build and join Beta testing, you need to install the build from my dropbox , it will override your current build.
After the testing, you can uninstall the test build and install back to latest build on Google Play and wait till we publish our R1.3 release build in near future.

We are seeking your feedback in areas listed below:
1. What do you like comparing to the current 1.2.1 Android app?
2. What areas do you feel we could continue to improve in future?
3. Any new feature request for future Android releases?
4. Any problems you are experiencing?

Please feel free to provide any screenshots, images and or details in the support to help us to make Instructables Android a better experience.
Please email your comments, suggestions and/or ideas to android@instructables.com

Big thanks and look forward to hearing from you all

Best Regards,
Instructables team


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