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Harrasment on Instructables Answered

There's has been a lot of bullying around instructables lately, especially the chatroom. One person to bring up is named "adman". So all of you know(i don't like him either), he hasn't done much "hacking". Everything he does is pretty basic. The ads that come up are part of meebo even if he isn't there. The ads are what make meebo free. When everyone is randomly warned, he is just warning everyone. And when he pretends to be someone and changes the same color, the same can be done if you are a meebo member. Finally, when he makes clones, he is just opening a bunch of tabs. I do not want everyone to worry about this person. He is a bad influence and should be ignored. Don't listen to anything he says. He is mean and should not be trusted. If he logs on, block him immediately so he will not annoy you. Another thing is that some people's feeling are getting hurt because the adman is trying to pretend to be the person and says bad things. If this happens, just ignore and not say anything. Eventually, the adman should get bored and leave(i hope...). I hope you guys have a nice time at instructables and ignore the negative stuff that happens. It's just part of life. The world isn't perfect and none in the world is liked by everyone. I hope you have a nice day and treat others nicely. Happy ibling.


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