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Instructables: Download All My Favorates? Answered

Q1: Is their a way to download all the Instructables that I have favorite-ed?

Q2: I was also wondering if their is a way to view my all my favorite-ed things in one web page. eg (like in a list form.)
Along while ago it used to be done kind of like this.  

of course you could change the limit to = your total number of favorite-ed things.

but now if you are signed in and on your main page you can only click on the "More Activities"
I cant find a way to display all of the favorite-ed things all at once for clicking on.

So.. how can i do this now?



1 year ago


To view a full list of things you have marked as favorites, go to your "you" page (click "you" on upper right of any page, then select "you" again from the menu).

"Favorites" should appear as an option on this page. If your account is on pro status, you may download any instructables as pdfs to save them offline.

Hope this answers your question!

Sam (seamster)


Answer 1 year ago

This dose not display all of the things that I have favorated on one page. Im still forced to click on the "more activities" button to view more. I want to create a python program to yoink all urls of my favorated instructables. I can't do that if I'm only able to grab 1/3 of them. I need 1 url address containing all the "href" url links I have favorated.


Answer 1 year ago

ah . . now I see what you're saying. I'm not sure if there's away around that currently. However I will pass this idea to the site's designers for future consideration.