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Instructables Editor Answered

The instructables editor has two annoying bugs:


Text high-lighting does not show when writing an Instructable ... it only shows in the preview screen. It should be WYSIWYG.


If you decide to take a break, before publishing your instructable, and click the "You" button, your only option is to "Logout" ... all of the other options such as "Instructables" are masked by a floating window. It's a real pain to have to log back in ... is there a (hidden) screen option that I can't see?



1 year ago

I thought that highlighting text and clicking the "bold" button, as in a word processor, would highlight the text?

The "bold" button must be working as the text is bold in in both the preview mode and the finished ible. May be it's a Chrome thing?

Thanks for the heads-up on the overlay problem :)


1 year ago

(1) how are you highlighting text? if i'm using the html editor and use <mark></mark> i see the text highlighted in the editor, in the preview, and in the finished ible

as for the overlay on the you menu while in the editor (2) we have a fix for that coming down the pipes to be deployed soon.