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Instructables - New vs Update Existing Answered

I have a couple of projects I've posted that I've made substantial changes to that I'd like to share. What is your stance on posting these changes as a new instructable vs updating the existing one?



Best Answer 4 weeks ago

The answer is a bit nuanced.

If you've made an entirely new and different version of a thing, that will be presented with all new/different process photos of the build, then it justifies a whole new instructable.

If you've just made changes to the original project, I would recommend updating the existing instructable.

Existing instructables may have some excellent built-in credibility (from comments, I made it photos, views, favorites, etc.) as well as have some established find-ability in online searches.

Adding steps to an existing instructable ("Update" type steps added on at the end, for example) will make it that much better and useful for any new reader who lands on it via search, which is where almost all traffic comes from on instructables older than a couple of weeks.

Posting anything that bears too much of a resemblance to a past project might also make it less likely to be featured, be put in an email newsletter, and shared out the site's social media channels. It also looks a little cheaty in terms of contests, if it appears to be a slightly tweaked repost just to become eligible for a current contest.


Answer 4 weeks ago

Thanks for the response.
This helps a lot as I've seen those "cheaty" looking ones but rarely see one that denotes any modifications or updates.

Thank you,

la xerra

4 weeks ago

why undo/erase stuff¿ i like to the be able to see the evolution of thinkgs.
just make a new one, 2.0, use the same title, interlink old and new