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Instructables, Popular Science, and TreeHugger "Go Green!" Contest Results Answered

Instructables, Popular Science, and [http://www.treehugger Treehugger] are pleased to announce the winners of the Go Green contest!

The entries were fantastic- check the full list of projects as well as the winners for more great ways to green your life.

Grand Prize
The grand prize winner will receive a Breezer Liberty hybrid commuter bicycle with pedal-powered lights, an Instructables robot t-shirt, a brief write-up in a future issue of Popular Science, and a 1-year subscription to Popular Science magazine.

Hydroponic Bog Garden (Water Recycling) by Biotank

First Prize
Each first prize winner will receive a Solio Universal Hybrid Solar Charger(TreeHugger review here), an Instructables robot t-shirt, and a 1-year subscription to Popular Science magazine.

Bicyle Power for Your Television by bdwhaley
Geodesic Dome Greenhouse by yes2tech
How to MAKE PV Solar Panels by VIRON
Portable 12V Air Conditioner --Cheap and easy! by CameronSS
Solar Thermal Water Heater For Less Than Five Dollars by TheNaib

Second Prize
Each second prize winner will receive an Instructables robot t-shirt and a 1-year subscription to Popular Science Magazine.

Build your own flat panel solar thermal collector by iwilltry
Cart Bike by zieak
Composter (Drum Style) by jdlink
Free Air Conditioning by Vyger
Grow organic food without spending $ by gowithflo
Hack a Toilet for free water by gregorylavoie
How to save water in gardens and small-holdings: the Scrooge Bottle by Kiteman
Make an Evaporative Terra Cotta Beer Chiller by jolshefsky
Recreate a Vanishing Ecosystem : The Eastern Vernal Pool by Tool Using Animal
The Wind-up Headboard Reading Light by peterwbrown

All winners should watch their inboxes for a private message with prize-claim instructions.

Thanks to our judges, who carefully read through all 63 eligible entries:
arwen; canida; Dave Prochnow, PopSci; Doug Cantor, PopSci; ewilhelm; fungus amungus; Graham Hill, TreeHugger; John Mahoney, PopSci; Ken Rother, TreeHugger; Mike Haney, PopSci; noahw; numberandom; reno_dakota; seedlingproject; Shayne McQuaid, TreeHugger; stasterisk; T3h_Muffinator; Tetranitrate

For more information on how we judged, click here for the full results.


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13 years ago

I didn't win anything :( but this was by far my most popular instructable!


Reply 13 years ago

You won the satisfaction of helping the environment.


13 years ago


Woa, sweet dude (insert other surfer-culture exclamations here)!

Excellent competition, well done everybody, especially Biotank.


13 years ago

Congrats, everyone! Sad I missed this contest. School started and everything turned into a blur, hahaha.