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Instructables RSS Feeds vs. Questions RSS feeds... Does anyone have the address to only the instructables? Answered

So, I pointed my RSS reader at instructables.com and it picked up https://www.instructables.com/rss.xml and the Title "Recent Instructables" . It gives my what I want and More, Way more.

Does anyone know the address to the feed of ONLY recent Instructables and NOT the questions?I do realize I can add each Category separately from the feeds at the bottom left of the category page, but I don't want Tech separated from Outside separated from Workshop.

Granted most of the questions are cool and give me something to think about. Some questions make me think it was easier for them to post it here rather than goggling it themselves. I had about enough of the questions when I read the one about trying to get Positive and Negative out of a 3 prong AC cord.... God keep this person safe as he/she plays with house current.

Anywho I'm sure this will post on my feeds as well, but I am only interested in the Instructable posts.

Thanks Matt


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Best Answer 9 years ago

This will give you all featured Instructables:

This will give you all Instructables:


2 years ago

One of the best methods of getting RSS feeds that are specific to your likes, needs or preferred subject matter is to first go to Instructables Home Page, scroll down to the bottom of the page and find and select "Sitemap" On the page that appears, click on either "Instructables" or "Collections" both will give a complete list of all the categories that are available.

Once there, you need to open a text editor and type in (or copy and paste)

Then by editing and replacing "channel" with whichever subject you prefer, it would become something that looks like:

Simply repeat as often as desired to cover the topics you like.

I hope this helps you finding ways to narrow thing down the categories that interest you the most.I also hope that after I click Post, that everything is visible as I type in so copying and pasting is an easier task. Happy DIYing.


9 years ago

It was weird to see my own question on my feed.


works nicely, thank you very much!