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Instructables Show and Tell in Singapore Tuesday 2016-06-07 6 PM Answered

I will be visiting Singapore and hosting an in-person show and tell. 

Singapore show us what you have been making! Instructables is coming back to Singapore and we are excited to see what the community here has been busy with. Come present your latest, greatest creations or feel free to take a look on June 7th from 6pm - 9pm at the Autodesk Asia office.

It will be an exciting gathering of like-minded people to share their ideas, current and future projects, roughly following this Instructable, How to Host an Instructables Show and Tell. Feel free to share this invite with anyone who may be interested or have a hidden gem of a project that they’re dying to show. Eric Wilhelm, the founder of Instructables, will be present to give his input and approval to the projects shown!

We will also be sharing some <top secret> upcoming Autodesk projects that are happening in Singapore. RSVP and find out more details here.

We are also holding a presentation and panel discussion event on the Future of Making in Singapore on June 4th 2016 from 2pm – 5pm at The Projector, details can be found here.


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