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Instructables Website Improvement Idea Answered

We post many instructables utilizing recycled content and in fact we first started using instructables for ideas using found materials.  This sort of works with the search function and/or using a google search. But it also seems like this could be an area of improvement.  Often times recycled design comes from finding a resource first (lumber, plastic,glass bottles) and then thinking creatively about how to re-purpose it into something useful or beautiful.

For example, lets say you find a big batch of glass jars and you want to find projects that utilize glass jars.  You can do a search within instructables for 'glass jars' and find some projects.  But depending on how people titled their project or what key words they used you probably will not find all of the relevant projects.  This is especially frustrating when you are working with more obscure materials.

Personally we end up running across projects serendipitously that work great, but should be easier to find.

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3 years ago

What's your actual suggestion?

(Also, you should move this topic to "Feedback".)

Two Paddles DesignKiteman

Reply 3 years ago

I wish I had a specific idea that I thought would be workable but the only one I can think of is using hashtags like twitter. #glassjar would link you to all other instructables that utilized glass jars for example.

KitemanTwo Paddles Design

Reply 3 years ago

Which is what the key words are already for - you need to encourage people to use them properly.


Reply 3 years ago

I concur. I commonly use tags of basic primary materials in my instructables.