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Instructables at SXSW! Answered

Eric and I will be at SXSW Interactive from March 7-11 in Austin, TX.

If you're there too, come find us for some Robot stickers! No table or booth - we're just there to schmooze and have fun. We're bringing some neat toys, like a kinetic chain sculpture and Potenco's human power generator (used with the OLPC).

We'll be attending as many of the geek parties as we can; tell us which you'd recommend. Right now the tentative plan is
Saturday: Bike Hugger Beer & BBQ, Dorkbot, Opening Party, and one of the afterparties TBD.
Sunday: Pre-party, PopSci.com after-party, and the Etsy/Threadless/Timbuk2/Moo People Powered Party.
Monday: The Plutopia EFF shindig, Next New Networks party, plus the Facebook party primarily to hear BT.
(Any suggestions? We like interesting people, blinky lights, fun art, and dancing to electronic music.)

Come see us at the PopSci.com awards after-party on Sunday night, and help us make LED Floaties!


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