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Hi Lee,

This sounds like a good thing to discuss in our Forums or our Q and A section of the site. Please post your question there and watch the discussion develop!

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On Wed, Feb 18, 2015 at 4:40 PM, Lee Kynaston <leekynaston77@gmail.com> wrote:

Before I start I am so stuck to you web site I believe it has so much potential. I've only benn in the construction trade for 10 years now I love to build. Basically I believe you could influence a lot of people if you opened a high-street and produced the products that people want to make, and also give the opportunity to teach and let people walk into the shop openly express there feeling by booking sessions to us the work shop to make things to sell themselves. This is what I believe your next step to communal teaching should be. If you do decide to do this then I would like to start presenting you with business plans and help to make the business work. My name is Lee Kynaston I have previously been studying joinery, pipefitting, plumbing, cladding, welding, ceiling fixing and other construction skills. If you would like to contact me more on my idea please do on leekynaston@live.co.uk or on 07801860128

Thank you for your time

Lee Kynaston

I re read this and it is quite funny to read but if only I'd be in there everyday.



4 years ago

Lee, such places already exist - they're called hackspaces.

Judging by your email address and mobile number, you are in the UK, so have a look here:


PS - it's a really bad idea to post personal contact details in the public forums. You really ought to edit your posting to remove the email addresses and your phone number. People can reply in the comments, or by PM.