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Instructables editor? Why can't adjust text box size?? Answered


So I'm on a mac, using Safari and Chrome. So like when I'm typing this post right now, in the corner of the editor is a little drag button that allows me to make the text box bigger. When you're making an instructable, the little arrow isn't there, so I can't make the editor box bigger, and it's a real pain when I have to keep on scrolling up and down. Plus I cant see my whole step at once. 

Is this a Mac bug, or is it just a feature lacking?


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8 years ago

The ability to drag the size the of the text box was something we had in an earlier iteration of the site and was not implemented in this latest build. We're constantly changing things up to try and make a better experience, so it'll likely make it's way back in a future release.
Thanks for letting us know your thoughts!