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Instructables for teachers Answered

I have tried twice this year to register in the the "Instructables for Teachers" section and have not heard back. How does a person become a member of that section? If other teachers are having the same difficulty I'm having I fear Instructables is losing out on what could be a great resource.

I run an after school program where kids make crafts every day. I would like to share some of their projects here but I don't want to share them under my own personal Instructables handle - kokoleo, as the work they create often comes from their own ideas and  is not  indicative of my personal style.

Should I simply create a new handle called Club Teasdale (the name of our program) and post them separately? If I do that, then how do we become involved in the "Instructables for Teachers" section?



4 years ago

Hi Kokoleo!

Your Pro Membership for teachers was gifted to you back in January when you signed up for Teacher Pro. If you would like to create a separate account for your projects as a teacher, that would totally be okay! Just create a new account and then fill out the google doc that Kiteman so handily provided a link to. The "Instructables for Teachers" link takes you to our Education channel that has a lot of useful projects for teachers. If you would like your projects to appear in this channel, simply choose "living" and "education" as the categories when creating a new Instructable.

Hope that helps! Thank you for being a part of our community :)

-Your friendly neighborhood Instructables staff


Reply 4 years ago

filled out the form Kiteman posted a couple times and described our
program and asked if it was possible to post separately from my personal

I looked through my email from January and didn't see
anything. Then I looked through my Instructables messages and found a
pro membership granted on January 12th, but there was no mention of
Instructables for Teachers or answer to the question I posed on my form.
Since I already have a pro membership and several more unused pro
membership subscription offers, I disregarded the email.

I guess I
was expecting the Instructables for Teachers section to be select group
of classroom teachers and maker groups that shared their work in one
spot of the website. On further investigation is seems it's simply a
showcase of any Instructable project with an educational theme and the
offer of a pro membership for teachers is just a way to encourage
teachers who are new to instructables to join and share without having
to pay for or wait to earn a pro membership.

I will just create a separate login for my after school program and reapply. Thanks for your help!


Reply 4 years ago

Well, now I see I received a pro membership but there was no mention of Instructables for Teachers. I guess I misinterpreted what exactly the Instructables for Teachers section was all about. I thought it was an exclusive area of Instructables for maker groups and schools to share their projects in one place.


Reply 4 years ago

Maybe Robot is out for another AutodeskOil change? Seems there are some new and vacated staffers and the task may not have transitioned.