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Instructables format Answered

I think I have a good instructable to share, but it is quite big, lots of photos, couple videos and lots of work (thousands of solder joints, hundreds of wires). I realize there is a format to Instructables but not sure how to use the format with my own techniques. Eg, I use MS Word a lot, also Excel and Visio. I could make a complete "instructable" with Word and these programs but it wouldn't follow the format.

I started an Instructable topic just to see how I can abide by the Instructables format. The first requirement is to upload photos. Does this mean the photos are all put in an album that I can choose later on when I write the text? How do I handle links to my YouTube videos? I have my own website so I know a little bit about page composition.

Am I on the right track? Is there a preview available before publishing in case I really screw it up?

My plan is to show all the mistakes I made (ie the WRONG way to do things), followed by the RIGHT way.


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