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Instructables in the Classroom Answered

Just wanted to let all know that we have a group of students involved with Instructables.com  I gave my students a simple project...Make something and document it.  Please take a look at the projects that have been posted so far.  I only post when I feel it meets guidelines of a contest.   Also try to incorporate the value of social media other than posting picts on Instagram

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Was just notified that one of my student's projects made it as a Finalist in the FIRE Challenge.

Looking forward to any feedback other teachers might have.  Really proud of all the FEATURED projects they have created.





2 years ago

What you are doing is awesome! I'm not a teacher but I volunteer as a mentor for high school kids that plan to go into STEM fields. I was considering having them document their year long projects on Instructables. Did you have to overcome any obstacles with the school system before proceeding with the idea?