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Instructables keeps loging me out every few clicks Answered

Hi there!
  I am new to I'bles an I am having massive login problems.  When browsing through the projects, the page keeps to log me out every few clicks. When I try to post, I get to a login screen as soon as I click on "publish". After that, i get a blank page. Narmally I use Opera or FF (latest versions) on aW7 machine. I tried deleting the cache, coockies are allowed. When using FF i once saw a error message, that popped up for one second before redirecting me to the login-page. It said something like "oops! your session timed out"...

 Right now I am on a friends computer. Here I have similar problems. But i am able to post, IF i klick fast enough. If not, i also get to the login page and get redirected to "you" afterwards. 



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10 years ago

I realize you've already mentioned clearing cache and cookies...but if you wouldn't mind trying that again.  We updated the way the site delivers cookies, so there may be some cookie confusion on your computer.

Let me know if that doesn't work and we'll try to figure out what's going on.