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Instructables layout is all messed up on my browser-bug report Answered

Recently when I have gone onto instructables, the layout has been all messed up. First of all, the toolbar that is black that says "Share what you make" and has links to techshop and others is blocking the drop down log-in list. I try to log-on, but the button is not accessable for reasons unknown. All other drop down lists (like "you", "contests", "explore", etc.) are blocked by the bar too. The "favorite" button and "follow" button are not clickable. There is just a yellow block smaller than usual next to the number of followers a user has. When I go to a user profile the instructables on the page are enlarged and stuck together. The views, date member joined, and others that are usually at the top are down the side. On the contests page the column with the description of the contest is empty at the top, then the description is at the very bottom of the page.

Operating system: Windows Vista computer
Version: [ORJ-100000031]
Browser: Internet Explorer

It is all over the website, mostly buttons and dropdown menus and lists. I don't know if it is just my computer or if it has to do with the browser.


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7 years ago

It looks like the site didn't load correctly in your browser. Do you have any browser add-ons liek AdBlock that are preventing the page from loading entirely? Have you tried clearing your browser cache then refreshing the page?

The site loads for me up for me in IE, Chrome, and Firefox.

Jessie Marie
Jessie Marie

Reply 7 years ago

I was looking for any add-ons when I noticed a button highlighted blue that I had never noticed before. Compatibility View was on!! I unclicked it, and now everything is fixed! :D