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Instructables not updated Answered

Last night, about 2300 PST, I posted an Instructable I've been drafting for a couple weeks now.  It has been over 15 hours, and the Instructable still fails to show up in my profile feed, and in the main page under recent Instructables, It also shows it as being a draft in the summary view of the menu. But inside the profile there is a link to it as an Instructable, it just does not show up on the feed. My other Instructables each showed up almost immediately after publishing. Is there some kind of problem with the system, or did I hit an update cycle just after it finished or something?


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3 years ago

Don't worry as you got the common weekend bug infecting you ;)
Sometimes an Instructable is flagged due to certain keywords or just because of bad timing or a problem on a server.
It simply means a human has to take a look at your Ible and give approval.
Since it is weekend I simply say your Instructable will show up like magic sometime on Monday, if not someone will let you know here what might be wrong.
Patience is the key ;)


Reply 3 years ago

Humanz! Well that makes sense. Gotta have controls in place so the crazies don't overrun the place!