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Instructables prize power question Answered


So I have this burning question.
If I were ever to win a big prize in Instructables contest that included an power appliance, what should I do if it only works in US?
Because here in Europe, we have 230V 50Hz power and you guys over there have 120V 60Hz power.

Some time ago, my girlfriend won  a vacuum sealer and the thing is just sitting in its box because we can not use it. The only solution would be a separate converter which costs a lot. And for the bigger stuff it would cost even more!
My Worx Semi-Automatic screwdriver works just fine over here (110-230V)

My suggestion for the Instructables personnel is that with growing numbers of creators overseas, the prize power problem should somehow be handled (if it is even possible)

Andreas (happy instructables member :)



3 years ago

Hi Andreas,

We have occasionally been able to provide power converters with prizes for winning authors who reside outside of the US.

If you've won a prize from us that will require a converter in order for you to be able to use it where you live, please either send me a note via Private Message or shoot us an email to service@instructables.com and we will see what we can do ;)

Sam (seamster)


3 years ago

Like the others said, it depends. I am German I have sometimes gotten the correct plug e.g. with the TV or vacuum cleaner and sometimes not e.g. with the Kitenaid or the mill. Just talk to the Instructables staff, they have always been really helpful.


3 years ago

From my experience and understanding, the prizes aren't generally purchased by Instructables staff. They are most often donated by sponsors, so they don't really have much control over what power/plug the tool has.


Reply 3 years ago

Correct! :)

We do purchase prizes occasionally for some contests, but they are almost always purchased ahead of time before the contest closes.