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Instructables that arent worthy being featured Answered

Whats with all those badly written instructables with JLCPCB ad that are getting featured?
I saw at least 3 of them getting featured without being detailed or well written.
It used to be hard to get your instructable featured without really good idea, good pictures and well written text (i used to spend few hours writing since my main language isnt english).
Its not really big problem but i feel like creators/members are being lazy and just posting instructables without trying to explain what they are doing.


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3 years ago

Hi there,

It's true that for a basic level feature, we are fairly liberal with those. For a homepage feature, we are still pretty strict however. Please check out the feauturing guidelines here for more info: https://www.instructables.com/topics/Featuring-Checklist/.

If you have any specific Instructables you have questions about, please shoot us an email to service@instructables.com with a link (rather than call people out publicly), and we are happy to take a closer look. Occasionally things that might be a little too promotional might get featured, and we appreciate member feedback on things like this. Thanks for your question!