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Instructables unusable on an iPad unless logged in. Answered

Instructables is unusable on the iPad due to advertisement redirects constantly taking you to a new page.
Horrible “Congratulations!!!! You won an Amazon or Walmart Gift Card! Pop ups and redirects.
Please fix!
This happens in Chrome or Safari in multiple IOS versions.
This has been happening for several weeks now.



10 months ago

Still happening...


1 year ago


1 year ago

Add me to the list of the unhappy. Totally unusable on iPad.


1 year ago

For some weird reason it seems people still use Apple products....
Who knew....;)

I myself was also guilty of this, recently ditched the last of my Apple projects and now everything works :)

I had that problem with iOS (and not just on Instructables), not seen it since switching to Android though.

To be fair for once with the rotten fruit:
Although Apple creates a big mess by using their own implementations and expecting the world to ake their stuff work with it, some ad providers are just bad.
When I was still doing admin jobs for a forum I soon realised that there is differences in how ads are provided to the user of a given website.

For a website ads mean provit, either to hope it is enough to pay the servers or for bigger ones to actually make some real world profit.
Same is true for the ad provider, which is quite sad in many cases as here is the culprit that no normal user will spot.
Let's say you decide to include Google ads in your website.
This mean Google uses their crawlers to check the content of webpages and then they match the ads to this.
To make it complete ads are often localised and matched for the user as well.
Since Google is quite strikt when it comes to ad content in 99% of cases bad spam or intrusive pops are prevented.
On the other hand some providers only care about the most profit for themself.
Here we often find that ads are neither checked for their content, nor for any redirections, and if forced then it can mean your website is gone in favour for something you really don't need.
If really bad then the popups take over your browser or even include malware / browser hijackers.

Anyone providing a website has the problem that they have absolutely no control about the ads shown.
You get the statistics and how much is shown on certain base criteria but not what is used or rejected.
Sad thing about this that webmaster get abused by users for problems they can't fix because they have no control over it.
Many webmasters use dedicated sreas of their websites and pages for ads to appear.
This is to keep the look intact and of course to prevent ads hiding or pushing away vital content of said page.
But and that is a big BUT:
If the a provider does not prevent redirections and popups then and ad appearing in a dedicated spot can call other websites or create pop ups!
And if all goes to worse and the provider did not check any content you might end up with more popups then open tabs in your browser.

Ad blockers can prevent a lot, same for the right browser settings but:
1. Some website really need the revenue from ads to keep going.
2. Fraudulent ad makers always seek and find new ways to overcome blocks.
3. More and more websites check for ad blocking capabilities and refuse to show content if blocked or prevented.
# We (as in my admin team) reverted back to selective ads, meaning we only allowed a minimum and from selected sources.
On top of that we included affirmations in the contracts that if harmful ads show up or intrusive ads appear we would disable the ad service until fixed and hold back the payment for the affected days.
Certainly nothing that would work on a big scale like here though :(


1 year ago

glad I'm not the only person this is happening to. Enjoy instructables,but haven't been able to read one for a while now. Please fix!


1 year ago

Who is responsible for this? Is it Instructables or Amazon?

I want to know who to hate.


1 year ago

Yep, I'm getting it too. Not just on instructables.