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A while back I had need to create a cookie for a video shoot. I was looking for cheap solutions, and decided to try and create my own. After several failed attempts using non-ellipsoidal studio lights (even directional lights) I decided I might be able to use a maglite flashlight to perform the necessary function and started to document my attempts via pictures for a future instructable. However, despite my attempts at various light focusing and lengths from the light, I could never get it to focus quite correctly and eventually gave up. I'm not going to bother including instructions since it didn't work, but thought I'd still share the pictures.

I would be more tempted to try and finish a cheap alternative, if not for Divet's fantastic ible that was published a couple of days ago and subsequently featured. https://www.instructables.com/id/Build-a-photographer8217s-Zoom-Spot/


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11 years ago

What you need is a lens after the cut out that the light shines onto. I have on out the back of an old rear projection TV, I have used it to project simple acetate shapes using a lamp.