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Instructors Wanted - Circuit Bending, Creative Electronics, Arts, Crafts, etc... (Williamsburg, Bk) Answered

We are seeking p/t instructors for various classes to be held at our location. 

We are looking for instructors who are knowledgeable, creative, patient, and experienced in the classes they will be teaching (either professional or self-taught).

Hours vary, but primarily consist of evening and weekend scheduling.  Pay is based on level of experience, class type, and class schedule.

- Circuit Bending (Basics to Advance)
- Creative Electronics (Basics to Advance)
- Arts & Crafts (all levels)
- Electronic Repairs / Service / Test / Troubleshoot (Basics to Advance)

We are conveniently located in the Williamsburg Brooklyn (Broadway @ Marcy Ave), @ the Marcy Ave J, M, Z stop.

Please include the class you'd like to teach, your experience level, relevant degrees, affiliations, any resumes/cv (professional and/or self taught) and a sample curriculum (can by on anything).  We also need to know your availability, and salary requirements.

Thank you for your interest.

terminalbrooklyn (at) gmail . com


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