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Instrument Topics of All Kinds Answered

Hi all!

I'm new here...nice to meet ya'll! I think I get how this site works, and it seems really awesome! Who needs the DIY network when you have a whole online community :D

Anyway, this forum seems to be for sharing personal endeavors, correct? Well there's this blog. It's not completely mine....it's a company blog. It has SO MANY how-to posts about mainly reed instruments, reed-making, and all sorts of things. That makes it relevant to a niche community, which may or may not be here on instructables? I just hope there's some oboist or bassoonist out there that I'm helping by posting this :]

It's called the Midwest Musical Imports Blog. Yes, there are a couple self-promoty type posts on it (it's a company blog, afterall). But a majority of it is how-tos and instructions and such.

Am I right to post this here? Please tell me if I'm in the wrong!

Thanks everyone!

- J. Doorn


The forums are retiring in 2021 and are now closed for new topics and comments.