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Insualtion of an existing tin roof? Answered

I have an existing summer room with a single skin, 4" corrogated tin roof. It is attached to the roof of the home and I do not wish to rip it apart.
I was thinking to install a none bearing set of 4"x2" timbers, a half in from the existin roof, then insulating with 1" x 4'x8' sheets of styrafoam sheets, then a vapour barrier nder this.
My main concern is the condensation produced on the inside of the tin roof, when it warms up. If I insualet the way I,m intending to,will this stop this condensation or do i need to do more to prevent it.



7 years ago

From outside working your way in you'll need this assembly:
Tin roof > ventilation > insulation > vapour barrier > strapping > drywall (optional)


7 years ago

make sure the space under the tin and above the insulation is ventilated then you shouldn't have a problem.