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Intel NUC with Old Laptop Screen ? Answered


I have a Lenovo dead laptop. Is it possible i can connect  Interl NUC Kit with Laptop screen as well as the laptop H.D.D, memory ? Any tips or suggestion would be very helpful.




4 years ago

A laptop screen *CAN* be used, but in my
opinion it's far more trouble than it's worth. I think your best option
is to buy a Mini DisplayPort adapter (looks like one of these cost
about $16) and pick up a cheap monitor at a thrift store (this price is
variable, but finding a good monitor should cost about $3-$10), however
it may cost about the same to purchase a controller board for the laptop
screen (MAKE magazine says this will cost $33). If you want to give it a
go then try this Instructable (https://www.instructables.com/id/Old-laptop-screen-into-Monitor/).

Now for the hard drive, you can
definitely use that. The NUC has an internal SATA port which you should
be able to plug the hard drive right into, but if you don't feel like
opening it up or want to make it into an external hard drive you should
get a SATA to USB adapter and you can put it in an enclosure.

As for memory(RAM), this entirely depends on the connectors but I doubt it will be compatible with the NUC.


Reply 4 years ago

Thanks for the tips. I was thinking of making it as more upgrade version of my laptop Only NUC motherboard is also available but just less expensive then as usual. Is it Mini DisplayPort adapter HDMI ? how to connect with laptop screen, ?

H.D.D connection is fine . I think ( RAM ) & Wifi can also work...need to work on the compatibility ....



Reply 4 years ago

Alright the Mini DisplayPort is different from HDMI and the NUC has one of each port. If you want to use the laptop screen you need to get a controller board for it. Best place to find one is ebay, just look for the model number on the screen and buy the appropriate board.

The controller board should have an HDMI port which means you won't need a Mini DisplayPort adapter because you can plug the boards right into each other with an HDMI cable.

Something I forgot to mention... the controller board will require a power supply which may or may not come with it. If it doesn't, they don't cost much at all but be sure to get the correct voltage for your board

In case there is any confusion on how the monitor controller board works, let me give you a quick rundown. You plug the flat cable from the screen and the power supply into the board and then you can use it like a monitor. The board should have HDMI, DMI, and VGA ports. You need to check for this though, as some boards will only come with VGA and you're looking for HDMI.

The board will also have some buttons to control things like on/off, brightness, etc...

TL/DR- You need a monitor controller board that has an HDMI port and that matches your monitor model number. You'll aslo need a power supply with the correct voltage for the board AND an HDMI cable to connect the board to the computer.


Reply 4 years ago

Thanks again for the details. The Single Board Computers Intel NUC Atom E3815 1.46GHz motherboard price is : $126.00

LCD Control board price is: $51.19 (Price varies with type ) ttp://goo.gl/UuucIk

Overall cost to build $177.19 and new laptop motherboard cost appox. $141.50

The dead laptop motherboard can be converted into something more resourceful item and then trade it with new to buy NUC setup...

Overall how is the performance of this setup ? or else still can use the NUC motherboard as desktop and with other monitor ...


4 years ago

Laptop screens use connectors and drivers that you can't use for anything else.

The driver for the display is on the mainboard and therefor useless for projects.

The hdd can be used for anything you like, put it in an exteranl enclosure for USB use, get a cradle and put in your PC....

Memory, if still working can be sold on Ebay, I don't know of any practical applications besides the use in a dedicated memory slot.