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Interact GamePad won't work (Playstation)? Answered

Hey, Intstructable-ers. I have a question (Obiovusly): I just bought a Interact GamePad for my Playstation original from a yard sale. Now, I've bought many Playstation controllers from yard sales before and opened them up to fix simple problems or clean them, but I have no clue what the heck is wrong with this one. It worked last night, and I was able to play a couple of games with it. When I woke up in the morning to play again, nothing. na-da. The controller just, -ahem-, pooted out.

Yes, I tried playing with a official Playstation controlller and another 3rd-party controller, both of which work perfectly, so it's not the controller port.

I was going to ask this question on Yahoo! Answers, but half the people on there are just looking for points and don't know anything. Don't let me down, Instructables community!

P.S. If it helps any, the circuit board inside the controller are almost the same design as an official Sony Playstation Controller (Not Dual Analog/ Dual Shock). The only difference is that this controller board is much simpler.



8 years ago

Bad cable, or bad cable connection? If it's intermittent, that would account for the "works sometimes" behavior.


Answer 8 years ago

How would I test and see if it was the wires or not, without completely stripping the plastic off of the cord?