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Interesting... Answered

A while back you may (or may not) have seen this Japanese electric motorcycle prototype called the EV-X7. It was advertised to use a "Super Electric Motor" that was the combination of a permanent magnet and an electromagnet (isn't that was a motor is?) which would allow the vehicle a range as much as 180 kilometers (111.846815 miles) on one charge with a top speed of about 150 kilometers per hour (93.2056788 mi / hr).

A few sources said that in about a year they would start producing a smaller version... That was 2007, and the company's website doesn't look very promising...

Ok, so now what? Too bad, eh? Well, yes...

However, the research company, Genesis, seemed to have posted something on their website:
Translated Website

Anyone wanna see if they can build one? =D



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