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Interfacing the nxt and rfid via the ardiuno? Answered

I am  having a problem here,I am to connect an rfid card reader to the arduino microcontroller and then the microcontroller to the nxt robot.From the researches that i have made i have learnt that the nxt communicates with the ardiuno microcontroller through I2C while the microcontroller itself reads data fom the rfid antenna using an UART bus.I am wondering if you could help on the code to make the arduino send a message to the nxt.




9 years ago

Both the Arduino and the NXT can use I2C so its possible to have the two communicate.

There is some code that allows the arduino to act as an NXT I2C sensor here:

It shouldn't take too much work to be able to what you want I would think.


10 years ago

One option is to just get the rfid sensor for the nxt off of the lego education website.  I got it and I am very impressed.  As for making it work with an arduino, I am not much help, I don't have any experience with it, yet....

Hope this helps a little

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