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Interfacing with an LCD display from a Canon multifunction printer? Answered

I recently salveged an LCD display module from a smashed Canon all-in-one printer.  So far, I have been unable to search up any information on it.  The manufacturer seems to be "APEX" (see fifth picture), and the circuit board has a backwards "RU" mark.  Any ideas as to how to talk to it, possibly with an Arduino?

If, as I suspect, the module is an OEM part, and datasheets are not available, do you have any recommendations as to how I could try to experimentally determine what the contacts do?  (I got it for free, so It's not too critical if I destroy it...)

- Infinitevortex



7 years ago

Could you use that to mod like a computer or game system case?


Answer 7 years ago

Possibly, but I need to find out how to talk to it first. I was thinking of trying to connect it to an Arduino. Once I can talk to it, it should be possible to incorporate it into other things... which would be really neat!


7 years ago

Any silicon on the board ?
If there isn't I'll guess its a COG display (chip on glass) and you need to look very carefully at the display itself: its going to be like the Nokia displays that everyone uses for tiny displays.



Answer 7 years ago

There's a number of SMD's on the board, marked with R's C's and two D's. I'm guessing these are resistors, capacitors, and diodes, respectively. There's no other chips that I can see.

It's a bit different from the Nokia displays, as it has a 30-pin ribbon connector for input at the top of the board. Two separate ribbon cables go to the display: a two-wire cable I'm guessing is for power, and a larger 40-pin ribbon cable.