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International entries ? Answered

i Am from Fiji islands and i am wondering if international entries where accepted for this competition. get the leds out challege . I won 2 burning question competition and recieved my prizes and i want to give a shot at this too. If yes then i wanted to know who would cover for the shipping and who has to pay taxation ?... I am willing to pay for tax but not sure about shipping. Anyways I am looking forward to your replies and wish the best to all competition mates. thanks instructables for the t-shirts they were wonderful.



10 years ago

If you mean the "art of sound" contest, you are allowed to win the speakers, but you have to pay for shipping outside the US.

(But, since you are so rich, that shouldn't be a problem, should it?)


Reply 10 years ago

Yes, it won't be. Let em tell you one thing. I like wining something rather then buying it. Its what i accomplished not what i can easily get.