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Internship: Create fun instructables Answered

To be clear up front, this is an unpaid internship.

Neighbors Project is looking for someone to work closely with the CEO on creating fun Instructables for the items on our "Neighbors Checklist" (ranges from "say hi to your neighbors" to "organize a film fest in your park"). The pieces will be featured on the Neighbors Project Web site, blog and e-bulletins, and will get picked up by outside media. Check out our group page.

You should be creative and resourceful, comfortable coming up with a story concept, researching,
photography and writing. People with a sense of humor encouraged. You must be comfortable executing most of the pieces on the streets of San Francisco.

The hours of this position are flexible, with a minimum of five and a maximum of 20 per week. You must be comfortable working out of the home office of our CEO, in a pleasant neighborhood in San Francisco.

We can't offer you any money at this point, but this is a great opportunity to work with a rapidly growing non-profit making fun instructables. Much better than your typical filing and go-fetch internships.

Application instructions:
Send your resume, writing sample and a one-page cover letter explaining why you want this internship and how many hours per week you'd be available to:
Kit Hodge, CEO, Neighbors Project
info [at] neighborsproject [dot] org


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