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Internship Search Answered

Hello, I am in search of companies that offer internships to high school graduates going into college as a way to gain experience. The problem is that companies I want to intern for all want (Idaho Power, Union Pacific Railroad) college experience and previous college education in that field. I am primarily interested in the industry side of things, because I want to see how things work and experience them myself. The industry is considered “dangerous” so therefore I have not been able to find any companies willing to offer internships to high school graduates. I really don’t care about pay, because I am only interested in education as of right now and this would be very valuable. I would prefer local companies, but I would be willing to go out of state. What I really want to know is: How can I convince companies to let me shadow an employee or be an unofficial intern? Do you need documentation from companies that you interned with them when writing college resumes? What sort of companies would be interesting (Idaho Power, Union Pacific, Norco, etc.)? Anything else you may be able to suggest. Thanks!


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9 years ago

After a quick search I found that Union Pacific does in fact take on Internships and you can read more about it HERE. What they say is this:

"Do you want a sneak preview of what it means to work for a railroad?  Are you intrigued by the possibility of charting your own career path? If so, we encourage you to apply for an internship with Union Pacific.

We provide college students with meaningful on-the-job experience through our internship and co-op programs."

I think the confusion you have is that they (and perhaps other companies) are looking to give the internship opportunities to "college students" - it's not that they want you to have a previous college education.

You can contact them (or any other company) to clarify that fact, and if enrollment is required, then maybe you need to find the common interest that you have with these companies and positions and simply get enrolled in a college course. Then you'll qualify for the requirement and can get the Internship that you are looking for. 

I hope this helps you and good luck.

- canucksgirl