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Interstellar (movie) ScienceFiction Answered

Spoiler alert. The butler did it!!  Just kidding.

                Category: Weird Planets!

Water Planet-  How'd they know that the sea was shallow enough to land in? The ship's engines apparently can't run if wet. So landing here was pretty risky. Would you land a plane in a foot of water not knowing if it was 1000' of water? You can't take off if the engines are wet!
                        When a big wave hits, (on earth) one of the signs is that the water in a bay will recede. Why didnt this happen when the big waves hit in the film?  

Ice Planet-  80% of earth's gravity (IIRC)  Yet a "frozen cloud" can hold up it's own weight. Fun world, very sculptural. Is there any way these shapes can hold themselves up?  Might be more believable if planet had 10% of earth gravity.  Those jump jets also more plausible in low G.

                Category: Black Hole
Appearance-  At first, this seemed pretty artsy- bizzare. But i'd read that lots of research + computer modelling went into it. So here's my assumtion explaining the visual:  The black hole has a simple ring of hot debris orbiting it like the rings of saturn. This stuff isn't close enough to have it's light sucked in. Looking above, or below the "hole", Light from the backside of the ring is bent around to our "eyes" by gravity. This causes the illusion of a second ring perpendicular to the first one. If we coud "look"  with some means unaffected by gravity, we would "see" a single ring. 

               Category: Demise of Earth
IIRC, the crop  blight is "using up" the N2 in the atmosphere??  um... 

Overall, a really good flick, addressing big human questions. Of course the human story is the most important, tough decisions face these characters....  but chat on sci should be fun, too. 


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5 years ago

I don't care about a PHD but my answers R
Water ball- they had recent radio information from a long dead astronaut....
Recession of H2O would reveal epoxy studio floor.
ICE- Ammonia stinks to high Heaven ergo that is lift.
Black Hole= was disappointing, never saw the orthagonal rings but the
father--daughter feedback was 'Bell_Book_&_Candle' clever.
Blight- was necessary for movie plot development.
Worm Hole => to a Black Hole ... got to be a Limerick about a bowl there
Scientists are portrayed as flawed as politicos and that is sad.


Reply 5 years ago

nice, iceng.

literal lol.


5 years ago

Kip Thorne was talking about the visualisations - he reckoned there were at least 5 research papers in the pipeline as a result, and a couple of PhD's